Yep! Acupuncture helps morning sickness and nausea all day long

By Tona Marquez on Nov 12, 2016 at 10:53 PM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture

Morning Sickness... all day long!

Nausea sucks. What's worse is when it just won't go away. Maybe eating something helps but only for a little while. Throw in having to go to work, taking care of the family, or any hundreds of other responsibilites that moms take care of and Morning Sickness just wears you out. So what do you do?

Acupuncture and relieving Morning Sickness

Recently, all of the patients that have come and tried Balance Method Acupuncture to help ease Morning Sickness have reported very good results. All of them have noticed fairly immediate relief with their first treatment. And many got lasting results after getting treatment 2 to 3 days in a row. Patients did get finger and toe points, and those are a bit pokey, but all the patients agreed that feeling a few quick pokes is worth it.

Pay the amount that feels right for you

Acupuncture for morning sickness doesn't have to be expensive. All of my patients that see me at Downtown Community Acupuncture pay on the same sliding scale of $20 to $45. They choose to pay the amount that feels right for them. I know people have a variety of budget concerns. The $20 to $45 sliding scale lets my patients get the acupuncture they need to feel better without having to worry how they are going to be able to afford treatment.