Pricing $45-$70 sliding scale

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Find out what $45 can do for you!

Offering Balance Method Acupuncture on a $45-$70 sliding scale empowers you to control and manage the cost of improving your quality of health and quality of life.  With frequent acupuncture therapy, you get relief and feel better so that you can refocus on living life.

  • You pay what feels comfortable.

  • You control your healthcare cost.

It's how it's done.

For thousands of years acupuncturists knew when acupuncture is received frequently – as often as 3-7 times a week – patients felt better quickly, got better, and got back to living life. To this day, people in China seeking relief for injuries and illnesses, receive acupuncture several times a week, get results and get back to enjoying life, working, and being active with friends and family.

Why Offer Acupuncture with Sliding Scale Prices?

At Neighborhood Acupuncture every patient pays on a sliding scale, allowing patients to get the frequent acupuncture therapy they need to feel better quickly and enjoy a healthier life. A sliding scale payment system compliments our Santa Barbara community, it compliments patients looking for relief, and it honors this long-used traditional healing art form.

Got questions? See the FAQs. You control the schedule - make an acupuncture appointment online with Neighborhood Acupuncture.

Same Treatment - Same Level of Care

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Yes, you can get acupuncture for $45!

What you pay has no effect on the type, duration, or quality of acupuncture therapy you receive. The $45-$70 sliding scale is here to allow you to privately decide how to budget your acupuncture therapy needs. You have all the control, there is no need to ask permission, there is no need to explain your private financial situation. Just pay what works best for you!

Why not take insurance?

Insurance coverage for acupuncture is inconsistent, and the insurers that do cover it often impose strict limits. Acupuncturists that take insurance hire a medical billing and coding service that processes and collets medical insurance claims. This added cost increases fee schedules for acupuncture often leading these acupuncturists to charge $80 to $100 per visit. Since insurace coverage for acupuncture is limited this leads to many patients having out of pocket expenses (co-pays) that end up running from $45 to $75 dollars per visit. Our Neighborhood Acupuncture sliding scale matches typical out of pocket expenses and further does not limit what you can get treated for or for how long or frequently you can recieve treatment. It's simply a better way for you to manage your health and wellbeing so that you get better and stay better.

But do you take Medicare or Medi-Cal?

Medicare only pays for acupuncture to treat chronic low back pain if the acupuncture is provided by a Medical Doctor (MD) or a Licensed Acupuncturist working under an MD. Neighborhood Acupuncture is not run by an MD so we cannot bill Medicare. Medi-Cal allows for two (2) acupuncture treatments per month and pays $35 per treatment. This limited amount of treatment is inadequate and does not provide relief for our patients. Additionally, the reimbersment for services does not adequately cover the costs to provide the service. So, Neighborhood Acupuncture does not take Medi-Cal. 

Other fees

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of your plans and you may need to cancel your appointment last minute. Please understand we only charge the following fees so that we can continue to offer acupuncture on a $45 to $70 sliding scale. We rely on you and our patients to keep Neighborhood Acupuncture open. 

$25 - LATE CANCELATION FEE - We charge this fee if you cancel your appointment with less than 12 hours notice

$45 - MISSED APPOINTMENT FEE - We charge this fee if you do not show up to your appointment without letting us know. If you missed three appointments, all future appointments need payment made in advance.