Acupuncture for Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that causes physical and psychological symptoms that are detrimental to the sufferer's normal daily functioning.  Untreated depression increases the chance of risky behaviors such as additions, and it can cause insomnia, which can make the situation worse. Depression can ruin relationships, cause the patient problems at work, and make it more difficult to overcome serious illnesses.

How Feelings of Depression Affect Your Life

People with depression suffer from poor sleep habits, crying spells, worry and anxiety, an inability to concentrate, body aches, disrupted digestion, and a lack of interest in activities. In extreme cases, individuals become helpless in their suffering and further isolated. Patients suffering from depression often feel hopeless about their lives and feel they have nowhere to turn for relief.

Side effects of depression include serious tolls on the body's physical health, including weight gain, heart disease, stroke, and more. Patients with depression often find it increasingly difficult to follow their healthcare provider's instructions, and cope with the challenges of their illness, which further aggravates the condition.

How Acupuncture treats Depression

Modern medicine treats depression with combinations of psychotherapy and antidepressant  medications, no matter what the individual patient specifically needs. In contrast, acupuncture works to treat the specific symptoms that are unique to the patient to restore the imbalances found in the body. As a growing number of people seek alternatives to antidepressant medications, new scientific research has revealed that acupuncture is a effective option.

Since the early nineties, many studies around the globe have found that treating depression with acupuncture has a positive effect on patients. In some cases, acupuncture is combined with other therapies that gradually pull the patient out of their depressed state and restore them to balance. When the patient's depression is caused by other issues, such as stress, anxiety, or pain, acupuncture is a particularly effective solution.