Acupuncture to Relieve Back Pain

A variety of biomechanical stresses, including standing, poor posture, sitting for long periods, and heavy lifting without proper alignment can cause back problems. Back issues can also be caused by injuries, acquired conditions, and diseases. While the causes of back pain are usually physical, it is important to understand that emotional stress can play a significant role in the severity of the pain and how long it lasts. Untreated depression and anxiety can also make back pain feel worse.

Back Pain Balance Method Acupuncture for low back pain

How Back Pain Affects your Life

Almost everyone experiences some form of back pain every now and then. Whether mild or severe, short-term or long-lasting, back pain can greatly affect a person's daily life:

  • Keeping you from exercising, which can lead to weight gain that further aggravates the back pain

  • Affecting your sleep patterns, which can make you short-tempered and make it harder to endure the pain

  • Causing depression - 19% of patients who live with chronic back pain are diagnosed with depression

  • Challenging your ability to sit for long periods of time

Back pain can be so wearing on the sufferer that they tend to be irritable and have very low tolerance levels for the challenges of daily life.

Back Pain Balance Method Acupuncture for low back pain (YaoTongWu)

How Acupuncture Treats Back Pain

Acupuncture treats back pain by enhancing blood circulation and stimulating the body to release natural pain and stress relievers. During the treatment, your back muscles relax and release tension. Nerve function is improved as tight muscles soften and the spinal functions improve. With frequent acupuncture, you will quickly experience less pain, and tension as your spine and muscles get better and heal.

Acupuncture is a natural, non-surgical, non-drug approach to treating back pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have well-documented detrimental effects on your system, including gastric irritation and liver damage while acupuncture has no side effects. In terms of the action on your muscular and skeletal systems, acupuncture works to treat the back pain in a similar way that drugs do but does so safely and without complications.