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Reduce Stress Increase Energy

Students of all ages need good focus, organizational skills, proper motivation, and plenty of healthy, restful sleep. Stress interferes with all of these needs and it can arise from the student's class and workload, critical exams, strange schedules, noisy roommates, and more. The key to managing all that stress and retaining the knowledge you are learning just might be through acupuncture.

Balance Method Acupuncture to Reduce and Ease Stress

When the body's stress response is triggered – which can happen often for students – the system causes the heart to beat faster and the senses to go on high alert. This diverts the body's energy away from the important background functions like digestion and begins to fuel the muscles into a state of physical readiness. All of this is normal and helpful in situations where we need to protect ourselves from potential threats, but when the stress becomes chronic and beats down on the student's body day after day, it becomes harmful.

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Increased Focus and Attention

Don't wait until the stress of exams and an overpacked schedule cause you to get sick. Schedule your acupuncture appointment today and enjoy sliding scale pricing that works for Santa Barbara students!

Acupuncture has been found to be highly effective for:

Students taking exams
Ease test tension, headaches and anxiety

Disharmony caused by stress manifests as anxiety, insomnia, muddled thoughts, forgetfulness, and even severe restlessness – all of which make studying and achieving difficult. When the student's stress levels are reduced, concentration issues clear up and the student can be calm, more focused, and enjoy better recall and less fear as they perform well at school and take their exams.

How Balance Method Acupuncture Helps Students' Learn

Students can also suffer from a variety of strains and sprains from sports injuries to repetitive motion such as typing. Students also report high rates of:

The stress placed on students often causes internal body functions to riot leading to indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, even gynecological imbalances. Even prolonged sessions of sitting and studying have to be managed. Frequent acupuncture can not only reduce stress but also stimulate the body's natural systems to increase mobility and resolve those injuries.

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