Acupuncture for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) affects nearly every woman at one time or another. For most, the symptoms are mild and temporary and around ninety percent of women have some advance warning due to physical and psychological changes in the days before their period begins. For others, however, the side effects of PMS can be physically and emotionally severe.

It is unclear what causes PMS but it is generally assumed to be linked to the fluctuating levels of hormones experienced during a woman's normal menstrual cycle. Of the estimated 40 million sufferers - between 50 and 70% of women - more than 5 million require medical treatment for mood and/or behavioral changes.

How PMS Affects Your Life

The symptoms of PMS vary every month and often vary in intensity. PMS tends to be different for every woman. The symptoms may appear a day or two or weeks before her period starts.

The most common effects of PMS are:

  • Pain, which can include cramping, deep aches in the lower back, headaches and migraines and breast tenderness.

  • Mood swings - with hormones in high gear, mood swings are a common occurrence with PMS and can include depression, sadness, irritability, and even anxiety.

  • Bloating, which happens when the woman's body retains water just prior to their period. Often, PMS is accompanied by mild weight gain.

Women who suffer regularly from PMS may have lower levels of seratonin in their brains, which may explain some of the physical symptoms, but calcium levels, environment, metabolism, and stress levels have also been shown to be culprits.

How Acupuncture treats PMS

Acupuncture brings near immediate relief from the cramping and pain associated with menstrual cramps as well as balancing the female hormones and quieting the autonomic nervous system.

Long-term management for PMS may require a few treatments, but once the system is rebalanced, fewer treatments are needed to maintain an equilibrium around your menstrual cycle.