Easing cramping, bloating, pain of Chrohn's Disease

By Tona Marquez on Sep 16, 2016 at 07:57 PM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture
Easing cramping, bloating, pain of Chrohn's Disease

Chrohn's sucks!

Any person suffering from Chrohn's diease is a trooper. It's definitely not an easy illness to deal with. Day to day symptoms can change and when things get intense all you want to do is crawl up in a ball and lie in bed al day.

Visits to the hospital are not uncommon. And there are many medications, therapies and treatment options that can also have icky side effects. And still sometimes the condition isn't improved much. So pretty much it's easy to say, Chrohn's sucks!

Watching what you eat

Sometimes patients know what triggers their chrohn flare ups. Avoiding certain foods allows them to live a life with only mild to moderate Chrohn's symptoms. Other's are not so lucky.

Patients can try an elimination diet. Eat simply with few ingredients per meal. This can be a miricle for some. It is a tedious process but if successfull the patient can feel more confident and in control of their condition.

Evenso, it sometimes seems that a flare up of Chrohn's sometimes just happens no matter what you do.

But what else can I do?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a different outlook and approach to treating Chrohn's disease. First and foremost acupuncture is a wonderful and effective option for treating the pains associated with Chrohn's disease. My first question is always, "Do you have any pain right now?". And if so, I then ask, "Where is your pain right now?"

Knowing where on your body you have pain is an important step for me to begin to form an acupuncture strategy. If the patient is not having immediate pain then that is also a crucial piece of information I need to form a Balance Method Acupuncture strategy. This being the case, my treatments sometimes vary from session to session because my strategy may change depending on the presenting symptoms of each patient.

Balance Method Acupuncture is wonderful and beautiful in that way. Each treatment is tailored to match the patient at the very moment they recieve an acupuncture treatment. The Balance Method Acupuncture strategy I use is meant to be dynamic and adjust in order to adapt to the patient condition which may change from day to day.