Acupuncture for stress with tension

By Tona Marquez on Jun 24, 2015 at 10:47 AM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture

Santa Barbara - neck and shoulder tension relief with acupuncture

I recently had two patients come into Downtown Community Acupuncture with right shoulder and neck tension. Both complained of having very stressful weeks. They had tense, sore shoulder and neck muscles. This is the second most common complaint I hear from patients and one that Balance Method Acupuncture quickly can alleviate.

Chronic stress leads to muscle tension

Stress is a normal part of life. Each of us can manage certain levels of stress. When stress exceeds these levels our bodies suffer a wide variety if consequence - muscle tension being a common occurrence. When muscle tension lingers in the neck and shoulders, we can further experience muscle spasms/knots, headaches, jaw pain, migraines, even nausea.

Balance Method Acupuncture for stress and tension

The two above patients received similar acupuncture treatments to relieve their neck and shoulder tension/pain. And luckily for them a natural "side-effect" of any acupuncture treatment is stress relief. On their way out, both said they felt "much better!"

Acupuncture for stress with tension Acupuncture for stress with tense shoulders and neck

Balance Method Acupuncture treatment for right shoulder/neck tension with stress and pain

I follow Dr Tan's Balance Method strategies with each and every patient. After years of study and application of Dr Tan's systems, I have learned there are infinite acupuncture point selections that treat neck and shoulder tension/pain with stress.

Therefore there is NOT ONE WAY that is correct but many options acupuncturist can follow and get good results

The two above patients received the following treatment. Both patients rested for 60 minutes with needles in place.

Same side of pain:

Hand Xiaoyin - 6 equidistant needles from wrist to 5 cun proximal to wrist; Foot Xiaoyang - 3 equidistant needels, 8 cun proximal to external malleolus

Opposite side of pain:

Hand Xiaoyang - 3 equidistant needles, 4 cun proximal to the wrist; Foot Taiyin - 7 equidistant needles from medial malleolus to 6 cun proximal to medial malleolus.