Traditional Chinese Herb Formulas help Anxiety

By Tona Marquez on Jun 17, 2015 at 01:13 PM in Santa Barbara Alternative Healing

Santa Barbara woman gets anxiety relief from herbal formulas

Traditional Chinese Medicine (often shortened to TCM) uses acupuncture along with herbal formulas that have brought relief for hundreds if not thousands of years. Herbal formulas help boost the effectiveness of acupuncture when treating conditions of pain, anxiety, depression, stress and poor sleep. Often times anxiety and or depression can be secondary symptoms that come about or get worse with pain conditions.

Pain and Anxiety

A Santa Barbara patient came for acupuncture treatment complaining of severe pain in the back of the right hip. Patient stated the hip pain had been on and off for about one year. The patient now complained of a flare-up in pain that was worse then ever before. The patient further complained of discomfort in the entire right leg and a constant need to stretch out the right leg.

The patient also complained of feeling clausterphobic when driving or being a passenger in a car. The patient noted a history of anxiety which seemed to get worse with pain flare-ups. And the anxiety also seemed to make the hip pain worse.

The patient felt moderate decrease in right hip pain after acupuncture needles were inserted. The patient felt anxious during treatment and was only able to rest with acupuncture needles inserted for about 20 minutes. The patient returned the next day for additional treatment. At the second treatment the patient noted the right hip pain had decreased substantially but the anxiety level remained high. The patient was interested in an herbal formula to treat anxiety.

Herbal Formula for Anxiety and Phobia

This particular case of anxiety was dominated by fear. Fear of the right hip pain returning and clausterphobia. The appropriate herbal formulas in this case were given along with an acupuncture treatment to continue  improving the health and function of the right hip. The patient was again anxious during treatment and was only able to rest with acupuncture needles in place for 20 minutes.

Traditional Chinese Herb Formulas help Anxiety TCM Herbal Formula for Anxiety with Phobia

The patient returned 3 days later for additional acupuncture therapy. At this time the patient stated the right hip pain was very mild. Patient additionally noted an improvement with mood, especially with the ability to handle stress at home and work.

The patient rested with acupuncture needles in place for 30 minutes. And the patient did not express a feeling of anxiety during treatment and rested with eyes closed and appeared relaxed.