Acupuncture Relieves Pain from Shingles in Santa Barbara

By Tona Marquez on Apr 02, 2015 at 10:00 AM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture
Patient uses acupuncture for pain relief from shingles outbreak in Santa Barabara

Balance Method Acupuncture Relieves pain from Shingles in Santa Barbara

Living in Santa Barbara is a dream. But living with pain from an outbreak of shingles is a nightmare. Acupuncture, the leading alternative medicine for pain relief has provided the answer many are seeking.

I have years of experience providing relief for pain related to shingles, also know as Postherpetic Neuralgia.  Most recently a patient came to the clinic visiting from out of town.  The patient stated severe distress with buring, tingling pain on her abdomen with pain also shooting across the chest and down the right arm.

After applying acupuncture needles to the left arm that correspond with the specific areas of pain on the abdomen, chest and right arm the patient felt moderate relief.  I applied a few more needles to both legs and then the patient rested for about 1 hours with the needles in place.  After treatment the patient stated the burning pain was gone and only a mild tingling sensation was felt in the abdomen.

The patient returned the next day, stating the previous treatment provided 18 hours of relief.  Also stating, the buring pain returned during the evening and was severe in the abdomen.  Once again, I placed acupuncture needles on the left arm in the proper corresponding areas. Within seconds the patient felt relief.  The patient then rested.  Within 30 minutes the patient exclaimed they felt "tremendously better!"  After an additional 30 minutes of resting the acupuncture needles were removed and the patient walked out of the clinic with a pain free smile.

Everyone reacts to acupuncture differently and results vary from patient to patient. I am glad this patient was able to use Balance Method acupuncture therapy for pain relief from a shingles outbreak while visiting Santa Barbara.