Big Changes Ahead

By Tona Marquez on Oct 14, 2021 at 05:29 PM in Santa Barbara Neighborhood Acupuncture, Santa Barbara Acupuncture

I am excited to announce the opening of Neighbohood Acupuncture, the only Executive Balance Method Acupuncture clinic from the LA Basin to the San Francisco Bay Area. Booking is now available online HERE

Big Changes Ahead
Arrellaga Plaza - Neighborhood Acupuncture

Neighborhood Acupuncture is nestled in the scenic Arrellaga Plaza in Santa Barbara's Lower Riviera Neighboorhood. With plenty of parking behind our building just go up the driveway to the left of the Plaza. The quiet, friendly neightborhood is like a getaway; steps away from our neighbors and only minutes away from the 101 freeway.

Neighborhood Acupuncture will be opening its door on Wednesday October 20, 2021. And will be hosting Neigbohood Sunday Sharing Events soon.  Please comment if you wish to be added to the invite list for all events!

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Dennis ferguson

Congratulations! Tona on your new gig. Success to you.