CASE STUDY: BM Acupuncture treats Postpartum anxiety and depression

By Tona Marquez on Feb 08, 2020 at 09:14 PM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture

Case Study: Postpartum anxiety and depression before start of menstrual cycle

This patient is getting acupuncture treatment at Downtown Community Acupuncture and getting relief. If you know someone suffering from these symptoms, please share so they know there is an answer.

39 year old female patient primary concern is postpartum anxiety and depression which becomes much worse during last week of menstrual cycle when she feels of overwhelm. Patient is expecting her period any day now. Patient gave birth to her second child a few months ago.

Patient also experiences menstrual headaches in the back and across top of head to forehead. Patient has some frontal tension today. Headache usually starts just before menses and continues during first 1-2 days of period. Patient is prone to yeast infections and toenail fungus. Patient has occasional back pain. Patient is recovering from a urinary tract infection with kidney inflammation. Patient has a history of miscarriage, hemorrhoids, gastritis. Patient takes synthroid, prenatal, vit. B6, Vit D, probiotics, elderberry, fish oil, antibiotics (temporarily).

Balance Method Acupuncture treatment regime

1st Acupuncture treatment: 12/27/2019

01/03/2020 Acupuncture: Patient arrived with headache on forehead. Period started. No sense of relief

01/10/2020 Acupuncture: note: patient reports no longer experiencing pain anywhere on her body except some mild low back pain a few days ago.

01/19/2020 Acupuncture: Patient arrived today with frontal and maxillary sinus congestion along with nasal congestion and some chest congestion all accompanied by fatigue

01/25/2020 Acupuncture: Patient arrived today with some lingering upper respiratory tract infection symptoms of sinus congestion and post nasal drip. Patient stated her PMS symptoms did not occur with her last onset of menses. She stated she was surprised when her menses started because there were no PMS symptoms or symptoms that can accompany her onset of menses.

Patient is continuing with weekly treatments to maintain good emotional and physical health.