Re Imagine Your Self

By Tona Marquez on Dec 27, 2019 at 08:49 PM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture
There is an ancient healing therapy that reveals who you truly are and what you truly can do!
Re Imagine Your Self
Water has the power to recreate itself


Imagine. It a powerful word. And that power exists in each of us. I see it reveal itself everytime I treat a patient. Patient come in with pain, emotionally distraught, uncomfortable, not moving well. And when they leave they are more like they imagine. They have re imagined themselves. They have healed themselves.

Heal Your Self

What if I told you there is a therapy that has been developed over 3 thousand years to re-imagine your self, your body, your health, your mind. Helping your self become more than you thought possible. Believe it!

Balance Method Acupuncture is based on the fundamental priciples of reality called 八卦 (Ba Gua). Masters of these principles applied it to acupuncture and helped develop a practice of acupuncture used for millenium in China. Over time and with changes in China this way of practicing acupuncture was used less and less but found its way to other places in the world. Again, over time this practice of acupuncture has found new masters and its use is now found all over the world. Some practicioners now call it the Balance Method of Acupuncture. But in its essence it is acupuncture based on the 八卦 (Ba Gua - or the fundamental principles of reality).

Project your real self

Part of acupuncture's ability to help the body heal itself is helping the body preject its real self. Helping it go back to how it was before an injury, before an illess, or simply, before a change in its original condition. The body has to remember how to take care of itself more completely, to really love itself completely.

Often time we forget how to love ourselves. We forget who we really want to be. We forget who we really are, where we want to go.

In that state of complacency our bodies start to change in ways that don't reflect our true nature. They start to breakdown more easily. They don't repair themselve completely. They get sick more frequently. Aches and pain creep in and feel like they keep coming back. Medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, depression become part of our lives. 

Some people say this is a normal part of aging. That is so untrue. I say it may be a common part of aging but it is NOT NORMAL!

Become the person you truly desire

Water is amazing! It takes on the shape of whatever vessel it is placed. It carves through the earth. It creates valleys. It creates weather. It is constantly in a state of change. It recreates itself!

So if we are vessels of mostly water wouldn't it be reasonable to think we can recreate ourselves?

Balance Method Acupuncture is changing peoples lives all over the world everyday. Some patients need daily treatment to become who they truely desire. But the are many patients that are moving towards their goals by simply getting 2 treatments per week. A treatment can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. There are some patients where 90 minutes works even better. 

In the end, the length of a treatment is not even close to as important as bi-weekly treatments or sometimes daily treatments (or anything in between!)