What can you treat with Acupuncture?

By Tona Marquez on Jun 19, 2019 at 09:11 PM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture
What does acupuncture treat? What can you treat with acupuncture? How do I know I need acupuncture?

Our bodies don't like change

Our bodies are designed to repair and replace constantly. Even when we are sleeping, our bodies are busy repairing and replacing keeping us fit and ready to work, play and enjoy our life. Western Medicine call this Homeostasis. Homeo meaning the same and stasis mean no change. So our bodies like things to stay the same and do their best every moment of our lives to keep it that way.

Acupuncture compliments our bodies ability to keep things the same 

Acupuncture assists our bodies natural ability to keep things the same. How it does this is still not certain. But many things our bodies do like circulate fluids, increase and reduce inflamation, regulate nueropathways are some of the things studies have shown acupuncture helps stimulate throughout the body. So acupuncture is like your body's personal assistant; keeping it on tract to repair and replace as needed. 

Acupuncture helps so many medical conditions

Since Acupuncture is like your body's personal assistant it can help the body recover from many types of medical conditions. Acupuncture simply helps the body's natural function of repair and replace. So the list of medical conditions that acupuncture is used for is very very long. Think of the possiblity and probably acupuncture can help. 

When shouldn't I seek out Acupuncture to treat my medical condition

When should you seek out other medical care instead of acupuncture? If you think you need to go the the emergency room then you should go to the emergency room. If you feel your condition is not an emergency room condition then acupuncture may be a good therapy to try. Seek advise from an acupuncturist and they can provide reassurance that acupuncture is a good choice for your medical condition.