What I treat using acupuncture: Week 5/11/2019 Cases

By Tona Marquez on May 15, 2019 at 06:59 PM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture

The patient schedule was low this week. All conditions listed after the primary compliant were also treated using Dr Tan's Balance Method Acupuncture during one treamtent session.

1 Case of Congestive Heart Failure with edeama as well as neck, shoulder and back pain from motor vehicle accident and military combat service, along with PTSD

4 Cases of Sciatica:

Case 1: Scaitica of Left Lower Limb with pain and numbness from Left hip to L ankle. Also complains of Upper Right abdominal fullness and Insomnia

Case 2: Sciatica of Left Lower Limb with onset of Acute R posterior hip pain. Also complains of Chronic Low Back Pain.

Case 3: Sciatica of Right Lower Limb. Also complains of R shoulder region pain and R sided Neck Pain with pain radiating down R side of back. Patient also complains of depression and nightmares with fear of sleeping.

Case 4: Sciatica of R lower limb during 27th week of pregnancy. Accompanied by Low Back Pain.

4 Cases of Sinusitis:

Case 1: Acute Sinusitis with Severe Pain of L Maxillary Sinus. Concurrent with Headcold with symptoms of general headache and pressure and fatigue. 

Case 2: Chronic Sinusitis with pressure around eyes (Orbital headache). Also complains of recurring redness and itching of L leg and Chronic R knee pain

Case 3: Acute Sinusitis with chest congestion, shortness of breath and pain in the L maxillary sinus

Case 4: Acute pain and pressure around eyes and at bridge of nose. Also complains of right sided neck pain and right shoulder region pain and tension.

1 Case of GERD (Gastro Esophogeal Reflux Disease). With upper abdominal pain, chest pain and throat discomfort. Also complains of L shoulder pain. 

1 Case of Chronic Thumb Pain due to repetitive use. Also complains of abdominal pain and fullness and fullness of head and right elbow pain. Current history of atrial fibrillation. 

1 Case of Chronic aches and pain from previous injuries

3 Cases of Chronic Neck and Shoulder tension and pain

Case 1: Both shoulders are tense but has one area of severe pain between shoulder blades (interscapular pain) on the left side. Also complains of severe anxiety and depression with difficulty sleeping and low energy level. 

Case 2: Right side neck and right shoulder region pain with thoracic outlet syndrom with pain going down right upper extremety. Also right sided neck pain radiates up into head and causes headaches.  

Case 3: Bilateral shoulder pain along with neck pain and pain along thoracic spine and interscapular pain (pain between the shoulder blades). Patient also complains of chest pain and severe sadness and stress.

1 Case of Enlarged Prostate, Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Also has thyroid imbalance, neck pain and stiffness and low back pain.

2 Case of arthrittis:

Case 1: Neck, shoulder, knee and ankle pains. Also complains of numbness of L foot.

Case 2: Low back pain, righ hip pain, bilateral knee pain. Also complains of stress, depression and anxiety

1 Case of left side jaw, tooth, facial and ear pain.

1 Case of hyperthyroidism with rash around mouth and nose, body is figitty, and poor concentration

1 Case of hypothyroidism with restlessness of mind and body, irritability and L shoulder pain  

1 Case of Attention deficit disorder. Patient waves his right arm in front of his face.

1 Case of heat sensation in chest with irritability and difficulty processing the passing of a family member.

1 Case of chronic bilateral knee pain

1 Case of left elbow pain from overuse