Drink plenty of water after acupuncture! But why?

By Tona Marquez on May 02, 2017 at 08:57 PM in Santa Barbara Acupuncture, Santa Barbara Alternative Healing
Things you should do (or not do) to improve your acupuncture results
Drink plenty of water after acupuncture! But why?

What should you do after getting acupuncture?

Let me share the answer to one of the most fequently asked questions I get from patients. I answer this question at least 3 times a week. This means over 150 times a year I hear back from patients what works best for them.

Patients want to get the most out of their acupuncture. They don't want to do anything that might "get in the way" or "interfere" or even "diminish" the healing that they feel during an acupuncture treatment. They want to do everything possible to help support or even enhance their acupuncture treamtment.

So, what should you do after getting acupuncture?

I felt really thristy after my last acupuncture treatment

I perform about 3,000 acupuncture treatments a year. And my patients love sharing about how they feel after acupuncture. So I get a ton of feedback.

Most of that feedback is similar, such as, "Wow, my headache went away!" or, "I felt so relaxed." even, "I don't know what you did, but I haven't felt this good in years." But there are also patients who tell me of fairly unique acupuncture experiences as well. And I've heard a wide variety of patient experiences!

One that comes up now and then is, "After my last treatment, I went home and felt so tired!" And on the other end of the spectrum, "I came in last time so worn out. But after the treatment felt so refreshed!" And then there are the experiences that are more unique such as, "I was floating when the pins (acupuncture needles) were in place but as soon as they came out I felt very heavy." Another one is, "I felt really thirsty after my last treatment and I went back to work and kept drinking water all afternoon."

What patients need to do after getting acupuncture

So patients have experienced a wide variety of sensations after acupuncture treatment. I tell patients that acupuncture is unique, in that, patients can have all these different experiences. What patients need to do after getting acupuncture is to go along with how they feel. For example, if you feel tired after acupuncture, go and take a short rest. If you feel thirsty after acupuncture, drink some water. If you feel energetic, take a short walk. If you feel hungry, have a small snack.

I think you are getting where this is going... So, what should you do after getting acupuncture? You should do whatever your body is telling you. Listineing to our bodies is an important part of acupuncture. And reacting to our body's needs in moderation is vital.

Listen to your body and react in moderation

Moderation is key. If you feel tired after acupuncture, don't nap for hours, just take a 20 minute snooze. If you feel hungry after acupuncture, have a light snack, don't gooble down a large meal. If you feel energetic then a short walk is probably a better choice than a 5 mile hike.

But I will leave you with this. Everybody is different. Every body is different. So listen to your body after acupuncture. And then, do what you think is best for your body.

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Cassandra J Anderton

I just had acupuncture and I am so thirsty and energized. Thanks for the article.

Apr 29, 2020 Arrow1 Down Reply

I just had a session as well and after I got home, I realized I wanted lots of water. Thanks for this!!! I hope my inner ear condition and balance improves with more sessions.

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Elsworth Andrew Ebanks

Sometimes after acu therapy I feel a light pain. My Doctors told me that's normal, but the pains go away when my body isn't overactive. Drink 3 to 4 glasses of water as soon as you finish your Acupuncture,the same day of your Therapy session,and always stay hydrated. You'll feel alot better and the benefits of my Therapy last longer. I've been doing Acupuncture and Chiro Therapy for 6 years but most of my health benefits and healing is
coming from Acupuncture Therapy. It's the best Treatment and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Elsworth Ebanks
Grand Cayman.
Cayman Islands,