I am fortunate to receive acupuncture from Tona Marquez LAc. 

I had been receiving acupuncture for many many years, oftentimes from high caliber and lineage trained acupuncturists of whom I am grateful to have found. Upon moving to Santa Barbara I was looking for the best quality options to meet my acupuncture needs. 

I first met Tona at Downtown Community Acupuncture. He listened to what was going on with me and I was amazed at how  quickly and thoroughly his treatments began to help improve my level of health. Going in to receive acupuncture from Tona became part of my weekly health routine and continues now that he has opened Neighborhood Acupuncture. 

No matter the reason for my visit, after getting acupuncture from Tona I feel better. Occasionally, dramatically much better but always better than when I walked in for acupuncture. Whether it is for aches and pains, feeling tense and out of sorts, tired and fatigued, or simply just not feeling my best, Tona provides acupuncture that makes those issues fade away. Sometimes his acupuncture makes other issues better that I haven’t even told him about.

Compared to all the other acupuncturists I have seen over my lifetime I can honestly say Tona has consistently provided me with the acupuncture I need.