Who We Serve - Workers

Enjoy a short rest and heal together with acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is great for hard working women and men. Through sliding scale pricing, community acupuncture serves working people in our Santa Barbara community and helps them sleep better, reduce stress, and relieve pain. Acupuncture treatment is ideal for servers, chefs, delivery drivers, carpenters, and anyone who performs physical labor or stands or sits for long periods of time on a daily basis, which of course includes students and retired workers. The best way to find out if acupuncture can help you is to show up a few times for treatment and give yourself a chance to see positive changes. You control the schedule, book an appointment online with Tona and get started on your way to a better quality of life.

This video is available to show how community acupuncture helps many people and where it all got started.

Community Acupuncture from Jason henson on Vimeo.

Balance Method Acupuncture to Relieve Chronic Pain

Servers, electricians, hairdressers – indeed all workers in our Santa Barbara community – often put up with relatively high levels of chronic pain. Tasks requiring repetitive motion, high levels of endurance, and extreme strength cause strain on the body that leads to chronic pain, including:

Pain Spots

Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle tension are also common complaints working folks deal with on a daily basis and frequent acupuncture can help.

If you have lingering questions about acupuncture, please take a look at the FAQs.  Tona knows community acupuncture can make an important difference in your quality of life and you can now commit to this healing process and obtain a healthier quality of life

How Balance Method Acupuncture Helps Workers

Workers who receive Balance Method acupuncture often are better able to manage pain symptoms and enjoy increased stamina. Regular acupuncture can help working people manage the harmful effects of the stress endured in a fast-paced work environment and tasks that requires a great deal from the worker's body. Further, acupuncture helps a worker's body relax, so you enjoy:

In short, acupuncture helps working people manage the wear and tear their body endures every day.  Book an appointment online today and begin the process for a healthier quality of life.