Pricing $30-$55 sliding scale

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Find out what $25 can do for you!

 The sliding scale has increased a few times to balance the increase we have had in costs.

Offering acupuncture on a $30-$55 sliding scale empowers you to control and manage the cost of improving your quality of life.  You can get frequent acupuncture treatments, get relief and feel better so that you can refocus on living life. That's what Community Acupuncture is all about.

  • You control the cost of each treatment.

  • You pay what feels comfortable.

  • You get to be in charge of your health.

It's that simple.

Hundreds of years ago, Chinese doctors learned when acupuncture is received more often – as often as 3-5 times a week – patients feel better, get better, and get back to living life. To this day, people in China seeking relief for injuries and illnesses, receive acupuncture several times a week, get results and get back to enjoying life, working, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Why Offer Acupuncture with Sliding Scale Prices?

Tona treats patients at Downtown Community Acupuncture where every patient pays on a sliding scale, allowing patients to get the frequent treatments they need to feel better quickly and enjoy a healthier life. A sliding scale payment system fits our Santa Barbara community, it fits patients looking for relief, and fits this long-used traditional healing art form.

Got questions? See the FAQs. You control the schedule - make an acupuncture appointment online with Tona.

Same Treatment - Same Level of Care

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Yes, you can get acupuncture for $25!

What you pay has no effect on the type, duration, or quality level of acupuncture treatment you receive. The $30-$55 sliding scale is only there to allow you to privately decide how to budget your treatment needs. You have all the control.

Many more people are now experiencing acupuncture as an essential element of their health care, and the Community Acupuncture model - sliding scale prices and treating patients a group setting - is the sustainable practice that is making this happen. The community acupuncture movement (POCA) has spread across this nation and around the world.  Watch below how this Revolution has spread.

Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged from POCA TV on Vimeo.